Izzy Fitzgibbon has worked on a number of client briefs for companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Electric Ray. She also directed The Ferns video under the mentorship of Tim Pope

‘I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative projects this year, they’ve allowed me to network and build up a crew before I’ve even finished my degree. Also doing projects set by companies such as Saatchi and Saatchi and Electric Ray have been really valuable lessons and have given me great contacts that other courses don’t always offer’ Izzy Fitzgibbon

Alex Mowbray and Robert Spence have been busy working with Hero the advertising company who is one of our clients on number of different adverts:

‘Working with Hero media has been a fantastic opportunity and experience providing me with an insight into the world of advertising production and what makes it work.’ Alex Mowbray

Dariusz Starosciak has spent the summer filming with BMusic, a Brighton based production company that creates music television:

‘During the summer I have been doing work experience with BMusic. I’ve been involved in the production of the Noise Reel programme for Latest TV and have been filming at various festivals throughout the summer, including Shakedown Festival, Together the People , Breakout and Mamothfest. During these production I have learnt loads about programme making and have made lots of useful contacts.’ Dariusz Starosciak