Current Projects & Industry Partners

Creating adverts for the advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi

Developing & Pitching TV ideas to Electric Ray leading TV production company

Hero Advertising

Clio David BBC filmmaker

Paul Crosby BAFTA/RTS winning BBC/C4 documentary editor

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Mosaic Digital

Latest TV


Industry Reviews

‘The group showed a strong understanding of social media trends and how to apply these in an actionable way for the Weight Watchers brand. They clearly understood what motivates people to share and engage with a campaign mechanic online. They were clear, confident and articulate when expressing their ideas and showed a great capacity to work and encourage each other as a team. Their campaign idea showed they understood the brief, the brand and their own skill well and brought this together into an idea with both empathy and rationality. All round a great job and we really look forward to working with Northbrook students in future.’

Sheridan Snellgrove  Saatchi & Saatchi


“I am a TV advertising producer and I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with your second year students on the FDA Moving Image course when I was invited by Kate Mapes to set them a real brief.
After 20 years in the media business I think this sort of task is invaluable for students to get hands on practical experience and will put them ahead of their peers in terms of knowledge. I specialise in advertising but the skills your  students are learning will enable them to springboard into a wide range of careers in TV, Advertising and Film
The students were focused and professional in their work ethic and attitudes and the results impressed me so much I’ve decided to use their videos on my social media feeds.”
Kate Myers Co-Founder, HERO
‘I was delighted to meet the students when I set the brief – they seemed really engaged in the stories they wanted to tell and keen to discuss how to tell them in the best way possible to fit with the brief I was setting.  When I came down 6 weeks later to watch and assess the documentaries I was really excited by what they’d produced and surprised at the high level of technical expertise as well as structuring and storytelling they had reached – one student even shot her whole film on her iPhone! Some of the stories moved me, too, and I wasn’t expecting this level of engagement with their subjects and contributors. They were funny, too, which always helps! I would be delighted to meet and work with students at Northbrook College again in the future and really look forward to it.’

Clio David Documentary filmmaker for BBC/Channel4/C5




Industry Placements

Our Moving Image students work on a wide range of industry placements and commissions, including:

Saatchi and  Saatchi – Leading advertising agency:

Electric Ray – Major London Television Production company creating content of BBC and C4.

Clio David, Leading BBC and Channel 4 Filmmaker:

Hero Media – production company that makes TV commercials, brand films, online content, documentaries and short films:

Latest TV, Brighton based TV company: